How you can use hypnosis

What can you achieve with hypnosis?

Issues that have their cause in the mind are readily tackled using hypnosis, but how can hypnotherapy cure physical disturbances?

The mind-body connection is well evidenced. It is possible for hypnosis to assist with or create profound changes in the body such as cessation of chronic conditions such as I.B.S. or control of pain. For example a research paper concluded in a study of use of hypnosis to stop smoking that it had the same efficacy as traditional methods such as nicotine patches. In a sense, it really is all in your mind!

Examples of successful treatments.

Performance anxiety
Work related stress
Confidence building
Self Confidence
Sleep Problems or Insomnia
Smoking Cessation
Restless Legs

What to do next.

There is nothing as powerful as in-person hypnosis. Your therapist can look for small cues to work with that will help you go into a deep state of relaxation. This empowers your subconscious to make the changes it already wants to.

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If you would like to start immediately, we regularly release tracks on our YouTube channel. Getting used to going into the hypnotic state is a powerful tool for relaxing the body and mind.

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What people are saying.

Stressed out? Then I highly recommend Joel. Thanks to him, I'm now more confident, calmer – and better able to cope with things that would have once floored me.


Last year I got a new job as a training facilitator. I was really struggling with performance anxiety and it was stressing me out. Joel's hypnosis changed the way I feel about standing up in public!


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Evidence based, solutions focused.

Re-train your mind for work or life performance goals… address issues such as fear of public performance or calming work stress. Hypnosis has a proven evidence base in smoking cessation, I.B.S. and pain relief.

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It always seems impossible until it’s done

About hypnosis.

Hypnosis is often described as a state of focused attention combined with deep relaxation.

It a normal and natural process that the mind uses to allow learning and to help regulate the body. We have all experienced it at one time or another. For example when looking into a fire, listening to a repetitive sound, or when driving a car at night. Have you ever been so absorbed in what you are doing that you have lost all sense of time. That state of mind is very similar to the hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is safe and has been used in one form or another for thousands of years. More recently we have learned to harness the power of words to change anyone’s narrative according to their needs. It is not possible to hypnotise someone into doing something they do not want to do. We focus exclusively on solutions focused approaches. You have within you the resources you need, now it is time to unlock them!

Professional membership.

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and GHR are the UK’s most respected professional membership organisations with a model for ensuring quality of service and protection of the public.

Joel Marks BSc PDHyp is a GHR registered clinical hypnotherapist. He qualified with ICCHP and practices in London, UK.
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